SAMS-Accounts Payable-AGENCY(EX-AP-300)

Course Overview:
This course reviews key actions needed to create Payment Request transactions for both internal and external vendors.

Course Topics:
• General Navigation Refresher (including Vendor search and user workflow)
• Manage Payment Requests for Commodities (PRC)
• Manage Internal Payment Requests for Commodities (PRCI)
  • Welcome to the Accounts Payable Course
  • Accounts Payable Agenda
  • Training Document Location
  • Accounts Payable Course Recordings
  • Accounts Payable- Workflow Overview
  • Accounts Payable- Workflow Demo
  • Accounts Payable- Fundamentals
  • Accounts Payable- Create a PRC
  • Accounts Payable- Create a PRCI
  • Accounts Payable- Inquiries
Completion rules
  • You must complete 40.00% of the content