SAMS-Contracts & Obligations- Includes Master Agreements-AGENCY (EX-OC-301)

*Please note: Only register for this course if you currently enter Master Agreements in SAMS. If you do not, please go back to the course catalog and register for the Contracts and Obligations EX-OC-300 course without the MA at the end*

Course Overview:
This course reviews key actions needed to manage obligations using Purchase Orders, Master Agreements, and Delivery Orders in SAMS. It also covers how to search for obligations and other inquiries.

Course Topics:
• General Navigation Refresher (including Vendor search and user workflow)
• Manage Purchase Orders (PO)
• Manage Delivery Orders (DO)
• Review Contract & Obligations Search and Inquiries
• Manage Master Agreements (MA)
  • Welcome to the Contracts & Obligations Course- Including Master Agreements
  • Contracts & Obligations - Including Master Agreements Agenda sample
  • Training Document Location
  • Contract & Obligations Course Recordings - Including Master Agreements
  • Contracts & Obligations- How to Create & Modify a Purchase Order (PO)
  • Contracts & Obligations- How to Create & Modify a Delivery Order (DO)
  • Contracts & Obligations- Master Agreements (MA)
Completion rules
  • You must complete 40.00% of the content